Roky on World Cafe

Hey Everyone,

Okkervil River will be backing Roky Erickson on WXPN’s World Cafe Wednesday, June 9th, 2010.

To find your local station, click HERE or you can listen online HERE.

New York Post

Once in a blue moon, genius spins out of a tornado of music, drugs and madness.  Beach Boy Brian Wilson may be the best-known survivor of that perfect storm, but there are others, such as Texas musician and ’60s psychedelic pioneer Roky Erickson, who played a raw, raucous rock show Tuesday at Webster Hall…read more at the New York Post

LA Record

Roky Erickson makes the world a better place simply by existing and released his first new music since 1994’s All That May Do My Rhyme this April on ANTI-. He speaks now with Will Sheff of Okkervil River, who are his new backing band…read more at LA Record.

SF Weekly

Roky Erickson, singer for the 1960s Texas psychedelic legends the 13th Floor Elevators, was gravely beset by drug problems and mental illness for many years. He has emerged from his dark places, resuming his career with varying levels of success…read more at SF Weekly.

Los Angeles Times

In a 90-minute concert filled with images of vampires, demons and multi-headed hounds, the most striking imagery did away with B-movie specters. It was late in the evening when Roky Erickson once thought to be a causality of the psychedelic rock era — sang “Goodbye Sweet Dreams.” It’s a heartbreakingly simple sentiment, but one that humanized Erickson’s nightmare visions…read more at the Los Angeles Times.


It’s been 14 years since Roky Erickson last released an album of new material. His album with Okkervil River backing him (and Okkervil frontman Will Sheff producing), True Love Cast Out All Evil, came out last month, and the Erickson/Okkervil team made its debut at SXSW earlier…read more at Sterogum.

SF Chronicle

Garage-rock legend Roky Erickson has handled his shares of ups and downs, bad and good times – and right at this moment, deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, Erickson is hot. Very hot…read more at SF Chronicle.

The Village Voice

It’s Record Store Day, and Roky Erickson has just finished signing autographs at Waterloo Records in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Now, he’s treating himself to ice cream—rocky road!—as his partner, Dana Morris, shows him a book of bumper-sticker photos she just bought. One is written upside-down. “If you can read this,” Erickson begins, reciting it word for word, “then you are crazy as a nut…read more at The Village Voice.”

Rolling Stone

Roky Erickson has been truly out of this world with Sixties Texan acid rockers the Thirteenth Floor Elevators; he’s also seen hell up close over decades of mental illness only recently ended. But he sings with renewed strength and even sweetness in these new versions of songs…read more at Rolling Stone.

Paste Review

Roky Erickson with Okkervil River: True Love Cast Out All Evil

“Roky  Erickson, the famously broke Austin, Texas pysch-rock pioneer, has occasionally sent back transmissions from the strange lands to which he wandered after much electric Kool-Aids and forced electroshock.  His last semi-lucid album, 1995’s All That May Do My Rhyme, found him spirited but toned down. Now, the man who cried alien completes his re-entry to earth…read more at Paste.